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Street Style is dedicated to the fashion influences I encounter in my every day life.

The people you see on this page come in different sizes, ages, genders, backgrounds and have their own unique way to style.

Inspiration is everywhere.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" 

Rachel Zoe



How would you describe your fashion style? 

Casual, comfortable and clean-cut

What are you wearing?

Top: Takeo Kikuchi (Japanese brand), brown button down shirt

Bottom: COS black skinny fit jeans

Shoes Windsor Smith black laced shoes

Accessories Watch: Nixon; Glasses: Timberland

Who are your style influencers and why?

Kevin Hart because we're of similar stature and he has similar style to me. But I also like the semi-formal Asian pop culture look with a touch of hip hop. 

Share a fashion tip.

Always be yourself and wear what makes you comfortable.

Fun fact, how do you like your eggs?

On a normal day, I like boiled eggs with salt and pepper. When I'm feeling fancy, I like truffle scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with shaved parmesan cheese and avocado. 



How would you describe your fashion style? 

Boho chic. I love loose fitting, flowy and feminine pieces put together with something classic. I've always had an interest in hippies with how they prioritise their wellbeing and love for nature - all of which is expressed through their Bohemian clothing and accessories. I've also always loved how flattering classic pieces can be. So integrating these two influences is how my style has evolved.

What are you wearing?

Top: Kmart, basics; Skirt: Valleygirl, Lace maxi ; Jacket; Asian boutique store, quilted faux leather with gold studs; Bag: Strandbags, Camel satchel; Shoes: Kmart, black ankle boots; Accessories: Lovisa; minimalist necklace + Inner Forest, Rose quartz necklace + Pandora, turquoise stone ring + Iconic, Cubic Zirconia X ring: 

Who are your style influencers and why?

Hands down Rachael Zoe! Being the  pioneer of boho chic, I love her passion for vintage clothing and big bold accessories. She's inspired me to always think outside the box and to break free from feeling the need to be a slave to trends. A great tip from her is it's so much better to overdress than underdress when you're unsure of a dress code for a social event. I've found that tip always works for me


Share a fashion tip.

If you love something but it doesn't fit, get it altered. Alterations don't necessarily need to be limited to just taking up the hem on pants and dresses, they can take in waistlines, sleeves, shoulders, anywhere you think needs adjusting. Also, owning basic pieces makes life so much easier. Putting outfits together is a breeze when you have at least one basic piece to work with.

What trends do you like at the moment?

I'm obsessed with 70's style at the moment and so excited to see flares, bell sleeves and John Lennon shades​ making a comeback!

Fun fact, what are you passionate about?

I live and breathe health/wellness and am passionate about living holistically. Being a chef I love to cook everything, but creating healthy meals is what drives me everyday. I've​ also recently been into food photography. Taking pictures of healthy food is my way of showing the world that just because it's healthy doesn't necessarily mean it's boring.



How would you describe your fashion style? 

Classic, fun and feminine but I always pair this with comfort and affordability. What I aim for is not necessarily a style but to have fun. For me it's another way of being creative with myself.

What are you wearing?

Top: Lace top from a local store; Bottom: Skirt from Bardot; Shoes: Comfortable sandals; Accessories: Bag from a Saigon trip for a bargain $20

Who are your style influencers and why?

To be honest I don't have any influencers. Mostly I shop for items that either make me smile, that I find interesting or I think would go well with my wardrobe. I dress depending on the occasion and on my mood. I tend to dress in whatever makes me feel good and comfortable.  

In terms of fashion and style, what's your favourite season and why?

In recent years I've fallen in love with autumn. I love warm and natural tones and autumn is the best time to combine all these colours. Plus you can layer your clothes. It took me a while to learn layering but it makes your look so much more interesting - whether it's playing with different colours, patterns or fabric types. 

If I were to go shopping tomorrow, what do you suggest I buy?

Boots! It's the end of winter so they are on sale and they are incredible investments. Boots are both functional as well as beautiful. My boots lasted me for years. They are such classics that you can re-wear them for several winters. 

Fun fact, where is your favourite place you've travelled to and why?

One of my favourite countries is Turkey, in particular Cappadocia. The landscape is so unique! It's surreal and beautiful. The food was amazing! The weather was warm and gorgeous. My husband and I hiked through the mountains and scootered through the towns. Is there anything better? If you want to go on an adventure to a land faraway, Cappadocia is your destination. 

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