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  • Jodie Mae


I did it ... I gave into the embroidery trend and joined the bandwagon (It's quite comfortable here actually!) To be honest, it's kind of hard not to give into this trend as it's pretty much everywhere, on everything - leather, denim, dresses, shoes and accessories! And so it should be, it's the perfect detail to add to any understated garment allowing your outfit to really come to life without even trying too hard! It's for sure a must-have trend.

I spotted this skirt in Bershka on my recent trip to Osaka Japan (keep an eye out for a 2 part blog I'll be posting soon about my trip to Japan where I share stories, travel tips and my purchases). We don't have Bershka here in Australia yet so every time I see it I get pretty excited (even though we have it's sister company here, Zara). Luckily, for the sake of my boyfriend's arms, I didn't go too crazy in the store that day!

What compelled me to purchase this skirt was the subtle embellishment of it's embroidered flowers and it being so transitional. I instantly visualised the many outfits I could build around this piece.

In this look I went for a combination of casual with a sophisticated edge as I wanted to hero the floral embroidery; so I paired it with a simple tee and a boyfriend blazer (closet staples). To complete this look I added my classic strappy sandals and, to cut the monochrome also to give this trend a distinct edge, I grabbed my large mustard pouch from Oroton for a pop of colour.

Have you jumped on the returning embroidery trend bandwagon yet? What are you waiting for? Trust me you'll enjoy the ride!

On a separate note, to my fellow Australians, have you seen this month's cover of Vogue Australia? If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a recent post of mine of the cover! I'm obsessed! Firstly, it's so refreshing to see someone different on there other than Gigi, Kendall, Kim and Blake! I haven't bought the magazine in ages, but I bought this one... mainly because Amanda Seyfried was on it - she looks drop dead gorgeous! I love the 11 page editorial piece on her. The photography is amazing and the styling is on point, loving the whimsical feminine style - so high fashion, so chic (but of course, it's Vogue darling!) I really enjoyed the accompanying text as well which is beautifully written. One major point that stood out for me was how Amanda Seyfried chooses to use her (excerpt) celebrity to promote and be apart of causes she feels passionate about, such as politics and animal welfare; in her own modest way she encourages others to do the same and is quoted "There are so many people getting paid on Instagram, it blows my mind. A lot of these models are getting thousands of dollars for each of those posts. It's like, I understand that you are getting paid, but [if] you have that many people following you, just fucking say something important. Just once a week. It's so easy to post or repost something, thoughtless even, you don't even have to care, just do your due diligence and just use that fucking platform."

I don't necessarily agree with the not caring part, because I think we as humans could care a bit more but it's true when she says to use your platform ... no matter how big or small, whether it's on Instagram or between a group of your friends - get a positive message out there, spread love and kindness and stand up for what you believe in. We all have voices and it comes in different forms.

Hi Vogue Australia, stunning cover this month - maybe you can diversify it a bit more, embracing all kinds of women and perhaps put someone of colour on the cover (more often).



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