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  • Jodie Mae


I recently had a front row seat to one of my dearest friend's wedding. What I witnessed on that day, separate to how beautiful she looked (they looked) was how their love brought together and unified two different cultures. You see my friend is Vietnamese and her now husband is Romanian. During the whole experience, I loved seeing them both interact with their family in their own language and how they and their family embraced each culture and traditions - from the Vietnamese tea ceremony where the groom wore the traditional man's outfit (Ao dai) and how the groom and his family presented their gifts to the bride's family, then is given permission to greet the bride who is brought down by her mother .... to the wine imported from Romania and given as gifts to the guests. They did this on top of having a modern outdoor wedding, but because of their respect and appreciation for each other's background they combined the two cultures with the traditions. There was so much love and acceptance in the room it was truly a beautiful moment to be a part of. I may have shed a tear or two ... ok I was bawling my eyes out!

Speaking of when 2 become 1 (#spicegirls), here I paired 2 current trends together - an off-the-shoulder top with ruffled sleeves and high-waist embroidered jeans to create this fun, flirty and girly look. (I told ya, I can't get over embroidery).The voluminous sleeves add drama, elevating the typical top and jeans look, giving the outfit some personality. As well as the drama, the sleeves along with the adjustable waist wrap tie of the top and the body hugging jeans add femininity and definition.

I wanted to show a hint of the 1950's - 1960's when putting this outfit together. I specifically tried to channel Brigitte Bardot for her French Riviera style and Marilyn Monroe for her love of the high-waist (bikini's, pants and pencil skirts). They both dominated their own era with their smoldering yet effortless style, embracing their femininity and knowing how to give the right amount of sexiness.

Modern vintage style is about trusting your instincts and taste. It takes a bit of imagination to seek out the right pieces to create a perfect balance of the old and new.

I chose nude textured, pointy-toe stiletto's with perspex heels to finish this look and give it a little more modern edge.

Don't be afraid to show off them shoulders as well as your decolletage. It doesn't take hours in the gym to make them look good - they will always look good! All you need is a bit of shimmer powder to highlight your collarbone and shoulders then you are ready to go!

Play and be creative with fashion!! Thanks for reading xoxo



Day date, strolling through Hyde Park



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