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  • Jodie Mae

Hour of Dusk

It was the last day of daylight savings, and the desire of doing something unexpected, unplanned was building up inside of me. It was almost 7pm and the sky was still lit. The call of the dusk was so strong, it was pulling me from my apartment ... I had to get out and go for a walk.

Lately I've found myself trapped in a world of technology and routine. Both of which I've allowed at times, impede on my attention span making me lose my sense of place. I'm sure I'm not alone here and some of you can attest to this. Sometimes a simple stroll during the hour of dusk can ground us, helping us to reconnect not only with ourselves but with our surroundings. Why dusk you ask? Well there's something really spectacular about this hour, especially when the weather permits, it produces incredible light whether it's through a sunset or the sombre of clouds it can be awfully romantic! I've read dusk being described as a temporal edge, a time zone where sight is affected, temperatures change, air pressure changes, and the tasks of daily routines become redundant. What makes dusk so interesting are the movements it's temporal edging triggers - particularly in the city.

For the last 10 years I've been a city girl, and can honestly say have been one by heart since I could remember (call me a wannabe Carrie Bradshaw or a Blair Waldorf minus the minions, I don't mind!) Having the city as my backyard, you would think I take these walks on a regular. Unfortunately not at this hour as it's generally missed if not paid attention to. But it's something I've promised myself to do more often, as it's quite exciting! These familiar city streets all of a sudden become mystical at dusk, perhaps even supernatural and magical like an otherworldly narrative. As the day slowly dims characteristics of my surroundings start to change. Trees begin to cower in their shadows, swaying with the light breeze; People interchange from tourists to locals as the streets start to awaken into the night and historical buildings start to glow with affection.

Romanticism of dusk with the city as my backdrop was my inspiration for this outfit. The delicate sheer blouse with soft ruffles, paired with the toughness of the ripped jeans embodied a woman who was ready for the unexpected. Add the berry lippy with matching suede pumps and she's a prowess of the night!

This time before night offered an opportunity for me to appreciate the feeling of a slower rhythm of Sydney's heartbeat. In order to take this journey you need to come open minded, willing to let go and just be present.

Thank you for reading! Comment below to let me know how you feel about your city.


Top: Storets, Romantic ruffle tie blouse; Bottom: Topshop, Moto rip mom jeans; Shoes: Wittner old, suggest;


Stroll through the city, casual date night or out to drinks

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