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  • Jodie Mae

Love her Wild, Set her Free

Love her wild.

She finds strength in her independence and gathers confidence in being her curious, adventurous, driven self. She is most alive when she can explore, when she can feel the grass or dirt or sand beneath her feet, when she can talk with strangers, when she can recede into her own space and lose herself in the moment, when she is chasing what she believes in with passion and freedom.

Her heart is not rooted to one specific place or person. She has the capacity to love so incredibly, but she never desires to be kept or held down or told not to stay still.

Let her feel safe in your arms, but not suffocated. Let her breathe her own air, battle her own demons, pursue her own passions, but be there, alongside her doing the same.

Love her wild.

This woman is wild. Not in the sense of reckless and dangerous but in the way that she is not compelled to follow the rules or traditions of the world. She does not agree with toeing a line and staying safe, or doing the 'right' things or as she's told because that's what someone desires of her.

Don't try to control her. Don't try to convince her that your perspective is absolute or your thought process and decisions are the only way. Don't try to keep her from expressing herself, her feelings, her beliefs. Don't try to change her, but converse with her. Show her a different way of thinking, of living. Be open, as she is. And love her as she is.

Set her free.

She won't run from you, be dishonest towards you, or break your heart, for she loves to love. Setting her free does not mean watching her fall for someone else, or standing there powerless as she leaves.

Setting her free means you won't hold her back from becoming the woman she's meant to become. Setting her free means you'll let her be herself, without guilt and with full trust. Setting her free means you won't have a tight grip on her, or watch her every move.

Setting her free means you love her for who she is, and won't grab her so tightly she can't move. Setting her free means you love her enough to let her be herself.

Love her because her wildness is what makes her human and flawed and wonderful. Love her without a deadline, without an expiration date, without expectations.

Love her without wanting her to be anyone other than who she is.


South Byron Bay



Floral jumpsuit: Blue Life; Jacket: Zara suede biker; Boots: Tony Bianco; Accessories: La Folie necklace



Music festival

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