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  • Jodie Mae

Warmth of Gold

Now that winter has truly settled in in Sydney, I thought I'd send a little warmth your way with my latest photostory shot against a beautiful tropical Maui background, featuring the stunning Venus off-the-shoulder dress by Spell I have the privilege of wearing.

I absolutely adore this dress. I remember the day I bought it. If you've been following my last few photostories, specifically Gypsy Wanderer, you would know how much I rave about the brand Spell. I bought this dress in store. I already done some research prior to my visit so had a good idea on what I wanted to get. This dress however was a surprise. Once we locked eyes we had an instant connection - I had fallen in love! It didn't matter what size was available (I would squeeze into it / get it altered) or whatever else I was getting that day, no one could talk me out of buying this dress.

Romance of warmth is captured in this dress. From the golden linen fabric, to the straight across neckline, the off-the-shoulder cuff sleeves, to the discreet side pockets, and lest we forget it's most striking feature - the detailed floral embroidery, this dress is so sweet and flirty it encapsulates femininity. It's perfect for day dates, date nights, brunch, and every moment between.

...even when you're on a tropical island frolicking through fields of velvety grass and rows of palm trees!

An off-the-shoulder dress gives a tremendously sophisticated and feminine look with utter comfort. It's also an effortless style that doesn't require a lot of zhooshing! This unique dress design can shape the dressing sense of any woman, therefore ladies, is an unregrettable wardrobe must!

Speaking of must, make a style promise to yourself today (one that I made to myself a long time ago) - never wear something that doesn't feel true to you in the hopes of pleasing someone else. Wear what makes you feel good and confident, whenever you want to wear it. Damn the occassion, and damn other people's thoughts!

Thanks for reading xoxo.


Maui Tropical Plantation, Hawaii



Dress: Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Venus off-the-shoulder dress;

Bag: Cotton on net bag, similar or suggest; Shoes: Naughty Monkey slides (under $20)



Bridal shower, baby shower, tropical island

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