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For the Love of Cord

When you think about the word corduroy, does it conjure images of baggy brown trousers and jackets with leather elbow patches - mainly a man back in the 70's would wear? Or does it remind you of a storybook bear you once read as a child - "A Pocket for Corduroy?" Oh how the cord has evolved since then, but may I say, still retaining it's classic appeal.

70's inspired bits and pieces seem to make their way into my wardrobe sometimes. Retro is in and one of the clothing items that come along with that is corduroy. You may love it or hate it, I personally love it, especially in this teal colour! My love lies within the comfort and the effortless look of this fabric. Corduroy is just a welcome street style addition to any wardrobe.

Moving past all the animal print trending like crazy right now, corduroy is everywhere at the moment. Perfect for the transitional seasons, cord is at home in either autumn or spring. Wide leg pants, boxy blazers, mini skirts, boots and even shopper style bags - the choices are kind of endless. So too are the colour options! Though, I prefer the warmer tones over the bright tones. Cord is really easy to style as well - with silk, denim or your basic cotton. It's a light but warm fabric that instantly exudes cool.

Whilst shopping the boutique stores of Fitzroy, Melbourne (back in COVID-19 free days), this lush teal coordinated set caught my attention right away. I bought this set from one of my favourite stores to visit, Handsom. Combining their respective backgrounds in fashion and product design, Handsom was founded by Sam Rush and Henry Allum. Balancing modernity with considered fuctionality, and with a strong focus on high-quality fabrication, the couple engineer pieces which are refined, playful and transcend age and gender. Clean designs and unpretentious fashion forms the foundation of the brand and fuels each collection. Their aim is to provide a refreshing alternative to fast-fashion - simply making nice clothes that last forever. I'll be for sure holding onto my set for a very long time!

Though earlier I did mention cord is perfect for the transitional season, this set I'm wearing, because of the type of corduroy it's constructed from (medium-weight eight wale corduroy), it's an everyday light layer, suitable for all seasons. For this photostory, to style, I did a 'Tan France' (fellow fashion style enthusiasts will know who this icon is) french tuck to expose the high-waist of the pant, and to add shape and elongation. Then to slightly break the muted tone, I paired the set with these outspoken snake-skin strappy, chunky wooden heel, squared toe sandals by Jeffrey Campbell.

There's always that one trend every season that divides people but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try it or experiment with it. Hopefully I was able to convince you with this photostory. But if for now you don't find this fabric worthy of its investment, you can always raid your grandpa's closet to start!

Comment below on a trend you love, but doesn't always get the popular vote. Thanks for reading xoxo.




Corduroy Set: Handsom (currently available in a dark olive colour) Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell currently on sale $75 or suggest;

Accessories: La Folie, Crescent Horn necklace, suggest



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