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It was my boyfriend who spotted this dress while we were shopping in one of many department stores in Shinsaibashi, Osaka (Japan). I mean I did see this dress as I was browsing, I glanced at it, considered it and did like it but there was something that didn't automatically draw me in, so I moved on to the next item. He however couldn't move on and insisted I try on the dress. Surprised, as it's very rare for him to insist on anything where there is an intent on purchasing (especially clothes) I grabbed it from the rack and took it to the change room. I was still unconvinced once it was on.

He really loved this dress though, and I really wanted to see what he saw so I looked at myself again in the mirror. Refocused, I slowly began to see it. I saw the detailing of the neckline how it elongates my neck, the added sophistication of the blue marbled buttons at the back fastening, the embellished pleated hemline for a classic touch (I love how the camisole underneath ends at my knees, allowing the pleats to shine in it's sheerness) and let's not forget about the lace with the delicacy of the embroidery, showcasing the pattern and the thoughtfulness of the colours with a tinge of metallic. This dress is absolutely beautiful!

I must of been hangry, hence the initial delusion.

I love how feminine this dress is and how it makes me feel (classy, elegant, sophisticated). I especially love how he looks at me in this dress!! Thank you hun for seeing the beauty not only in this dress but in me. You believe in me like you believed in this dress. Thank you for your loving support and patience as I start a journey I've wanted to take for years but have been too afraid to. I love you.

Yay to my first post!


Top: Lilly Brown dress; Bag: Celine burgundy trapeze (Winter 2014); Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Accessories: Charles & Keith belt, similar


Date night or a cocktail party

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