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  • Jodie Mae


Hi all, happy Monday and welcome back to my style diary.

Denim has always been and will continue to be an everyday symbol of style. You will never go wrong with this fabric as it's always in. Embrace the beauty of it's versatility and easiness - if you want to feel comfortable go with denim, if you want to feel sexy go with denim, if you want to make a statement (or not) go with denim.

I don't only love denim, I'm in love with denim - like we've been in a deeply committed relationship since high school, have met each other's parents, live together and know each other's darkest secrets in love .... yup it's serious! It's definitely a staple in my closet and I strongly recommend every girl have at least the following pieces in hers: 2 x skinny jeans; 1 x boyfriend jeans; 2 x denim shorts; 1 x denim skirt; 1 x chambray shirt.

Lastly I recommend every girl must have a denim dress.

Denim dresses couldn't be easier to build an outfit around. Here I'm wearing a cutout midi dress by ASOS. This alone is such a standout piece but to take it up a notch and make it more me I styled it with camel ankle wrap sandals, a bracelet set of silver, black, brass tones plus (to add character) a small 'wink' pouch which I absolutely adore.

They say short girls can't wear midi skirts or dresses. I don't know about you, but I really hate it when someone tells me I can't do something. Sure it can tend to make us look stumpy and frumpy, but to avoid this I always look for two things: 1. Cinches in at the waist to not look blocky and 2. Select a length that is above mid-calf to give the illusion it's a longer dress - when you want to appear slimmer you generally want pieces to end at slimmer parts of your body (rather than the thicker parts) for emphasis. Obviously strappy heeled sandals help too.

One of fashion's favourite fabrics is really expanding - it's not just a weekend basic anymore it's a fashion must! Each year fashion designers surprise me with what they can do to such a timeless fabric - they're always coming up with something new and exciting.


Ultimo, NSW


Top: ASOS, similar; Shoes: The Mode Collective; Bag: Mimco (old), suggest; Accessories; Samantha Wills (old), suggest.


Casual night out with girlfriends


Aje, Lady Edwina Dress; Ksubi, The Palms Pini Broken Blue; English Factory, Scallop Denim Dress; Needle & Thread, Embroidery Pinafore Dress

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