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  • Jodie Mae

Eternal Enigma

Extraordinary, daring, incredible, thought-provoking and unbelievable are a few words I would describe the theme of this year's Met Gala - Commes des Garcons, hosted by the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not only was it the theme, but an honour for its founder and designer, Rei Kawakubo, for her avant-garde designs and her career-long commitment to pushing boundaries. What an honour it was/ is, as she is the first living designer in history since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983 to be the sole subject of the Met's fashion exhibit. What myself and other followers respect about Kawakubo is her approach to fashion, nudging us to rethink fashion by her pursue of designs and aesthetics that don't conform to any sense of standardisation. She's pushing us to rethink not only the way we look at fashion, but the way we look at beauty as well.

Female empowerment is Kawakubo's driving force behind her innovative masterpieces. When asked once to describe her clothes, she said "My clothes are for women to wear today, who are independent. One who is not swayed by what her husband thinks. One who can stand by herself." Though she is just describing her clothes it's received as an extremely powerful message, and quiet frankly an important one which society constantly needs to be reminded of as women continue to fight for equal rights and freedom.

Click here to watch Andrew Bolton, the Curator in charge of the Costume Institute discuss the exhibition. You also get to see some of Kawakubo's masterpieces. If only New York was a 2 hour plane ride away from Sydney and didn't cost a fortune I would love to attend!! Better yet, Andrew Bolton ... can we switch places please!!

Avant-Garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status-quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

Taking my cue on avant-garde and inspiration from Kawakubo, I wanted to put together an outfit that evoked a sense of mystery and curiousity; An outfit that runs a fine line between art and clothing; An outfit that explores another side of femininity; and an outfit that's wearable for the modern woman - strong and independent.

To accomplish this look, using pieces that are currently on trend I chose this black corset blouse with ruffle detailing for its edgy femininity. To play with shape, I paired this top with flared checkered pants I recently bought from a warehouse sale in Paddington. I absolutely adore them and I am so glad I ignored my will power that day and walked into the warehouse sale as it introduced me to LIMB, a Melbourne based label who focus on sophisticated and sustainably made clothing, check them out here. Another label added to my watch list. What's so great about these two pieces is they are each versatile enough to be adapted into multiple outfits that can be worn all year round. To finish this look, I chose 14cm black suede platform heels as I knew this outfit needed shoes that resembled strength and solidity.

A lesson I learned from Rei Kawakubo is to be brave - not being afraid to take risks and perhaps breaking some rules along the way. She reinstated in me the realisation that not everything I like would be another's cup of tea and that's ok because we're all different right? Normalcy is just an illusion.

Before I end, let's not forget to discuss this year's Met Gala red carpet. For me the celebs who wore the best outfits are Rihanna of course, always on point; Tracee Ellis-Ross, gorgeous colour on her; Kerry Washington, pushing Michael Kors usual aesthetics with this rock 'n' roll' number; Lily Rose-Depp, love the encroaching flower; Priyanka Chopra's trench coat with the dramatic train, super chic and Janelle Monae, I loved the feathered neck piece. If you want to see these and other looks from the night, click here.

Comment below to let me know which were your favourite looks from the 2017 Met Gala. Thanks for reading!!


Top: Storets, Abigail Corset Blouse or suggest ; Bottoms: Limb the Label 15/16 winter collection, similar;


Art exhibition or a night out

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