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  • Jodie Mae

GPO Grand

The name says it all, GPO GRAND. If you're a fellow Sydneysider, you would know how incredible this building is. Housed within Sydney's historic General Post Office (GPO) opened in 1874; Australia's pre-eminent heritage building at Sydney's most prestigious address, No. 1 Martin Place. It is one of architect, James Barnet's finest creations. He was inspired by the Palazzi Communali, the spectacular buildings of Renaissance Italy, having spent a great deal of care and money in creating his own inspired masterpiece. The Building's walls were constructed from Pyrmont sandstone and the arcades feature polish grey granite columns with carved Corinthian capital in sandstone. Thus, making this building a statuesquely opulent landmark and the inspiration behind my ensemble in this photo story.

This beautiful Zimmerman ivory cavalier tier midi dress captures the romanticism of the charming setting with it's sheer floral print, asymmetric gathered skirt, blouson sleeves and elasticised frill cuffs. With such a soft and flowing feel, I wanted to add contrast to the look by mixing it up with a military edge in this structured Camilla and Marc dimmer blazer and completing the look with peep-toe boots in burgundy.

Today GPO is the world's most diverse and awarded collection of restaurants, bars, cafes, casual dining and entertainment focused on delivering a world class and total drink, dine and entertainment experience.

Having described the background to the GPO Grand and to this outfit, I thought I would share my background with 6 facts about me. Where to start...

1. I love basketball. Love to play and love to watch - particularly the NBA. In fact, my boyfriend and I will be watching the Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers at the Oracle Arena in December, super excited! I played representative basketball from year 6 and all throughout high school maintaining my position as starting point guard. Once we had to write affirmations in class, and majority of my classmates wrote I was a good basketball player. Totally shocked by this, I won MVP in my senior year - I have a trophy and everything!

2. My ethnicity is Filipino but I was born and bred in Australia. I can barely speak Tagalog, but can understand when spoken to....s l o w l y!

3. I have been with my boyfriend for a while now! He likes to say our relationship is an investment, he's just waiting for his return. And I like to say there is no democracy in this relationship, it's a dictatorship and I'm the dictator. Ha! The parents approve.

4. I am an extroverted introvert. I can be really outgoing, yet will desperately want my alone time.

5. I have 7 apps on my phone of trivia and words games. I don't mean to brag, but I am the queen of scrabble ... just ask my boyfriend.

6. I am a huge fan of Janet Jackson. I can listen to her discography over and over again. My favourite album is "Velvet Rope". My favourite song is "The Best Things in Life are Free" with Luther Vandross from the 'Mo Money soundtrack. And my favourite music video is "Scream" with Michael Jackson, 'cause it's all-round badass! You know what, this is actually tied with "Runaway" because I adore the concept of her jumping from country to country. I've sadly only been to one of her concerts which was her No. 1 tour back in 2011 where I sang and danced my butt off. Can't wait until she comes to Sydney again with her current world tour!! IF she comes to Australia *fingers crossed*.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little, would love to hear some fun facts about you so please feel free to share in the comment section below. Thanks for reading! xoxo



High tea with the girls, bridal shower or a musical show

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