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A Label for the Streets

Whilst in Melbourne last month, I of course, with Melbourne being one of the fashion capitals of the world, wanted to go shopping. Not just regular shopping I could do in Sydney but boutique shopping. I wanted local designers. I wanted Melbourne. I wanted unique! And so, with a tip from a workmate who is an ex-Melbournian, I found myself in Fitzroy! I would say Fitzroy is like Newtown in Sydney, but on a bigger scale. It's a very lively neighbourhood with a bohemian reputation, filled with eclectic bars and restaurants, buzzing cafes and trendy retail stores. As I walked around, passing lane ways and alleys decorated with street art it was evident Fitzroy was home to Melbourne's alternative and creative thinkers. I was in the right place!

Along my journey of discovery and exploration, struck by it's bold logo against a window display I came across a store called HoMie. As I walked in to have a browse, I was approached by a worker (I'm so bummed I didn't catch his name) who spoke to me about HoMie and what they're all about.

HoMie is a label for the streets with all its profits (after paying staff wages, store rent and products to be made) go towards their mission of supporting the homeless by providing them pathways out of homelessness. One of the pathways include a monthly VIP shopping day in their stores where up to 30 who are experiencing homelessness or hardships are invited to shop for free as VIP customers, receiving the ultimate complementary treatment. Not only are they able to receive up to 5 clothing items for free, but they also receive nutritious food, warm drinks and haircuts. I was also told about the training programs they offer. Those who participate in the training program, through the mentoring and encouragement of the staff earn a certificate III in Retail and are paid award rates to work shifts in the shop. So amazing!

This is what I love about travelling, getting out there and exploring, just meeting real genuine people who are passionate, down-to-earth and have big hearts. Yes, as hard as it is to believe there are people like this in the world, we just need to be open-minded and willing to put ourselves out there to find them.

HoMie is a fully fledged streetwear label with a unisex range that includes t-shirts, long-sleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, beanies, caps and sunglasses. Stumped by so many options that day, I eventually decided to buy 2 pieces from their store which I'm sporting throughout this photo story. The grey sweater is super warm and comfy I could live in it for days and the 'A Label for the Streets' tee is so soft (I've worn it twice now and have already received a handful of compliments!) I love the stone colour and the simplicity of the print. I can tell how well made something is when it feels so good against my skin! Besides being well-made, it's well executed with the messaging also with its style and on trend designs. There isn't a sense of one demographic with HoMie's range - by balancing the bold with the neutrals it appeals to many. Like I would totally buy one of the tee's for my 70-year-old dad who would totally rock it!

By the way everything in my second look is from a Melbourne boutique store. My skirt which is made from Japanese denim and which I absolutely adore mainly because of its subtle detailing is from Preap & Coutts, also in Fitzroy on Gertrude street (It was the first store I went into) and my Oxford lace ups are from Bared which I stumbled across while walking through Manchester Lane in Melbourne CBD. Bared is all about being foot conscious without compromising style. Designed by a podiatrist, their unique bio-mechanical footbed is what sets them apart from the rest as it ensures comfort and support for your feet. Admittingly, as other shoes do it takes a moment for the leather to stretch, but these shoes are truly comfortable! If you're curious about their special footbed, click here to learn more!

Special thanks to my friend who recommended Fitzroy, without it I wouldn't have been introduced to HoMie or the other great stores!! Thanks to HoMie for adding two extra pieces I love to my closet and for their infectious passion, unyielding compassion and strive to effect change! Major props to you guys and everything you have accomplished so far!

Shop and learn more about HoMie via their website

"A HoMie is a person who looks out for others" #beahomie. Thanks for reading xoxo


Outfit 1 - Top: HoMie sweater; Bottom: Kit and Ace Skirt old, similar; Shoes: Charles & Keith old, similar

Outfit 2 - Top: HoMie t-shirt; Bottom: Preap & Coutts (sold out), but check out their Sky Denim dress, made with the same Japanese fabric;


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