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  • Jodie Mae

Summer Fun

Hi Friends! It's the last month of summer in Australia and I've vowed to myself to make the most of it! That means constant trips to the beach, national park hikes, and courtyard lunches! Basically more fun in the sun! The 9 to 5 grind can be such a drain and oh so mundane that it's important to get outdoors amongst nature, breathing in the fresh air, doing things we love to do with people we love for the sake of our sanity. Balance is key.

Watson's Bay is the perfect place to do all of the above as it's filled with lovely beaches, spectacular views and delicious seafood. Australia's oldest fishing village is home to waterfront restaurants (such as my fav, The Beach Club at the iconic Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel), great walking trails and a harbourside park perfect for frisbee-throwing and picnics.

My boyfriend had gone fishing around here the other week and wanted to take me through some trails he discovered that we've never been to before. As you walk along the south head heritage trail it takes you past Lady Bay beach which is for...let's just say, the 'daring.' It's a nudist beach. It was high tide that morning which meant there wasn't a beach to be found so we didn't see anyone there...that was until we turned around. There he was, all on his lonesome a butt-ass naked dude standing nonchalantly on the rocks rubbing sunscreen on himself. And yes, we got the frontal view! I must say though he had a very nice.............................. tan! Even my boyfriend commented! So if you're ever interested in baring all in a private, charming sector - Lady Bay beach is the place to go!

The perfect day, at the perfect place called for the perfect outfit. Cue cute polka dot set from Seed Heritage. I love buying co-ordinated pieces because together your look becomes so powerful and effortlessly feminine yet separately it can create the same effect but in a completely different way. For e.g. the off shoulder crop top would pair nicely with high waisted blue skinny jeans and nude strappy sandals or a high waisted white pencil skirt and a hyper-colour stilettos, like a yellow or a watermelon. Same effect, but different style, different mood. In this photo story I went more for an understated look - harmoniously combining the simple and feminine with the unique.

Now what goes well with the perfect outfit, for the perfect day at the perfect place...the perfect bag of course! This adorable bag is from online store Style Cat. Style Cat is an eco-ethical fashion line who aim to create awareness, instill values of cruelty-free products and show love for the environment without of course comprising style and quality. Their uniquely creative pieces are woven by highly skilled local artisans, crafting from indigenous materials, customising each with detailed embroidery and fringing. My beautiful piece is called Santhiya and is made with abaca and banukan, centred with an embroidered daisy. This design not only allowed me to achieve an all-round summer look, but it completely elevated it by adding a touch of personality.

I recommend checking out Style Cat today and follow owner/designer, Yuki Tansengco on Instagram who also has her own style and travel blog. (No I wasn't paid to say that!) I just admire what she's doing and where she's going - always jetting off somewhere exotic!

I hope wherever you are you're having a gorgeous day! Feel free to say hi in the comment section below. Thanks for reading xoxo


Top: Seed Heritage (now on sale, under AUD50); Bottom: Seed Heritage or suggest; Shoes: Billini or similar Sam Edelman;

Accessories. Bag: Style Cat; Watch: Old Michael Kors, suggest; Sunglasses: Specsavers or suggest


Walk along the beach or outdoor lunch date

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