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  • Jodie Mae

Wake up with a Purpose

When I started this blog I wanted it to be about fashion & personal styling yes, but I also wanted to create a platform to share my stories as I love to write -sharing my interests, my inspirations and what moves me. As I hope it may affect you in the same way it has affected me. All coinciding of course with my main themes of style, fashion, love and culture. I think I've managed to achieve such thus far without the need of this form of declaration. With that being said, I wanted to share a poem I came across the other day by a woman named Danielle L. Stewart. This beautifully written poem really resonates with me as it reflects my current state of mind - a state which for so many, can be encountered more times than we like. Words like this infills my heart with hope, and the strength to persevere through the tough times. I can feel lost sometimes and sometimes I need to be nudged back to the right direction.

Wake up, beautiful.

Wake up from this tragedy.


Return to reality

I know you're broken,

Nothing left to break.

Sleep is not the answer.

You need to be alive,

be awake,

You're not just a shell, You are not dead inside. Just wake up, beautiful. Look at the world, Be alive. Ignore the demons Who try to pull you below. You can stand strong Even though you are alone.

Wake up, beautiful. Be strong, Pull through. You are not shattered, Broken, Or defeated. No one can take your place, dear. Only you can be you.

Know we're stronger than we think we are - be sure to take care of you. Thanks for reading xoxo


Koh Samui, Thailand


Top: Seafolly, similar or suggest; Bottom: Natalie Alamein (old) or similar


To the beach; on a summer vacation

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