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  • Jodie Mae

When I First Met You

I was sitting on the steps when I first met you. Do you remember that day? It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.

As I was sitting there staring at the ground in my own thoughts, I looked up for a moment to the endless amounts of people walking by, and I noticed you. Now you may argue to this fact, but I know you noticed me too because I caught you looking at me from the side of your eye. But you kept walking on out of my sight, and I was left with an indescribable feeling that came over me suddenly - a feeling I've never felt before. It made me smile to myself a little, but I tried not to make anything of it. So I got up to go on with my day.

After walking a few metres across the road I realised I had to turn back as I was going the wrong way. Heading back towards the steps where I once sat, I decided to walk under them rather than pass them as I wanted to avoid the crowd. I was coming up towards the other side when I saw you again. You were just standing there... staring at me. In some way I was excited to see you, but quite frankly was a little creeped out at the same time! 1. 'Cause of your intent stare but 2. it was unbelievable to see you again within just a few minutes. Our eyes locked as I came in close to you - we met at the top and you said "Hi'." I smiled and said "Hi back."

We hung out for the rest of that day, wandering around town, just talking and sharing stories about ourselves. Really getting to know each other as we kept walking....aimlessly. We were at Hyde Park first, then Botanical Gardens next, Pitt Street and then we made our way to Darling Harbour. While there we decided to go to the Chinese Gardens because we both hadn't been for a while. I will never forget the moment when we were about to pay the entrance fee, how you stopped me and said "I got this." Entrance fee back then was $2 per person. Oh how you spared me the splurge! Like the sky, the gardens looked special that day. The plants seemed brighter, flowers were blooming joyously, the sun was glistening off of the streams of the waterfall and all you could hear were the birds chirping and the bees buzzing. We were in our own secret sanctuary.

Night was starting to loom over us as I remembered I had to be at a friend's party. I was enjoying our time together that I didn't want it to end, so I invited you to come along with me which you unhesitatingly accepted.

We may have entered the party that night, but I really felt as if we were transported into a different world. A world that was entirely our own that I don't recall anyone else being there. We were so attuned with one another that I guess nothing and no one else mattered. Hours of us talking, laughing and singing karaoke had gone by. I remember having a moment to myself at one stage as we were taking turns singing each verse of Joe's 'I wanna know' song where I thought "Hey this guy is different. I've never felt so comfortable with anyone else before as I do with him." You made me feel free to be myself.

It was probably past midnight when you said you had to go home. Disappointed at the fact it had to come to an end, I walked you to the train station and waited with you until your train arrived. There wasn't a moment throughout the day or night where we held hands or anything but we didn't need to as I felt the affection through the strength in the energy of our connection - it was like 'magic' (as they say in Sleepless in Seattle). I felt it from the moment our eyes locked.

I was sitting on the steps when I first met you. Do you remember that day? It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.


Dress: Old Zimmerman, similar or suggest Shoes: Old Wittner, similar or suggest; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Necklace: Samantha Wills or suggest


Date night at a fancy restaurant or a wedding

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